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US customers can call us toll-free, and we're also available via Skype and email. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our platform, our names, and our services.

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The right domain name will improve customer loyalty, company credibility, and brand visibility.

Wade Smith, Sales Director

Our History

When DomainNameSales was founded in 2001, our goal was to bring together the owners of the world's most premium domains, and help connect them with interested businesses and individuals.

Our goal is simple: Provide buyers and sellers a trustworthy medium for buying and selling premium domain names. We believe in complete transparancy in all our transactions, and strive to keep the process open to both the buyer and seller.

Over the years, DomainNameSales has evolved into a vibrant marketplace, fostering communication between buyers and sellers everywhere in the world. DomainNameSales isn't just a brokerage, it's a comprehensive sales platform. It's free and open to join. If you have a portfolio of premium names you'd like to monetize, there's never been a better time, place, or way.


The DomainNameSales brokerage team represents the best and brightest of the entire industry. Domain brokerage is unique among professions, and requires a broad understanding of many kinds of business. To fully understand the needs of owners, buyers, and sellers, a good domain broker has to be able to understand the nature of their business, and the client's goals.

Dan Adamson

Vice President of Sales

Wade Smith

Aftermarket Sales Manager

Andrew Mathias

Senior Domain Broker

Jessica Ebanks

Domain Broker

Mohammed Khan

Domain Broker

Paul Mullen

Senior Broker

Matt Rosebrook

Domain Broker

Vincent Baker

Senior Domain Broker

Jenny Chen

Senior Domain Broker

Jason White

Domain Specialist

Ryan May

Domain Broker

Helki Weber

AM Transaction Assurance III

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