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Danno Adds to the Linkfest (Nov 30, 2007)

 Domaining .com (news from whos/who of the domain world) ***FS***  Cool!~ I hadn’t seen this.     Seriously slick and simple mashup on a terrific name..  This is going to be a big big high-traffic site if they don’t get bored.  The drudge of domaining. Yahoo to put adverts in PDF files Yahoo has reached [...]

Reuters: U.S. media face troubling 2008 (Nov 27, 2007) Excerpt: “”Experts say advertisers need to remain competitive in a tightening market while keeping costs down, making them likely to boost spending in areas more directly linked to commerce, such as Web search queries. That would benefit companies like Google Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. But television networks like CBS or NBC and [...]

Increasing your rank on Yahoo. (Nov 23, 2007) Nice post.

Rube Goldberg Reinvents the Domain Name (Nov 17, 2007)   Summary:  A guy who could have bought billions of dollars worth of domain real estate by applying his foresight (but didn’t) now declares “domain names dead” and hypothesizes that we will abandon domain names in favor of Rube Goldberg inspired Universal Search Locators (USLs) which will take over as the foundational elements of the web..  While I could [...]

“Social Network” Buzzword to Move Yahoo/Google Stock (Nov 15, 2007)

Yahoo and Google plan to turn their e-mail systems and personalized home page services into social networks. Josh sends link and says:  For most people, email is important.  For many people, it is vital/mission critical.  I’m a strong proponent of people getting their own email address under their own domain name.  Gives you alot of [...]

A Social Networking Site.. Without a Name. (Nov 06, 2007)

   Elliot Silver writes:  “”Hi Frank, Did you hear about Yahoo’s new social networking site Kickstart? Check it out when you have a chance…. if you can find it ”” ***FS*** Find it indeed.. I like Yahoo, but these folks really need some help with naming.. They own but don’t think to acquire the more [...]

Japan: Conformist Culture + Lack of IDNs = Less PC’s and More Portal Surfing (Nov 06, 2007)

   PCs losing their relevance in Japan.  Both for desktops and laptops. Overall PC shipments in Japan have fallen for five  consecutive quarters, the first ever drawn-out decline in PC sales in a key market, according to IDC. The trend shows no signs of letting up: In the second quarter of 2007, desktops fell 4.8 percent [...]

I’ve Got a “Social Networking” Site Too! (Nov 01, 2007)

Yahoo Flirts With Social Networking ***FS***  On may way to the airport this morning my cab driver told me he’s starting a social networking site. I’m selling out before the crash. 

Chief Marketing Officer, to Leave Yahoo (Oct 20, 2007)

So Long, Goto Tool (Sep 20, 2007)