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Monday Linkfest (Dec 10, 2007)

Elliot blogs about the 3 letter .com realm. ***FS*** There are only 17,576 3 letters in .com ..  This piece probably explains which a have gotten scores of spam sales offers for my three letter and 3 number domains over the past few days. Google reduces the importance of sub domains in it’s ranking [...]

Yet Another Reason to Buy J&J Stock (Dec 10, 2007)

Danno writes:    “”Watched a TV comercial this morning, advertising this website: Johnson & Johnson ‘gets’ generic domain names. Maybe someone should invite the person in charge of their marketing to speak at domainfest about how generic domain names have added value to their business(s).”” ***FS***   So right Danno..  these folks have done a [...]

Weekend Linkfest (Dec 07, 2007)

Everyone is Doing It ***FS*** Investing in domain names that is Domain Valuations : Chris Stewart Domain Value (DV)=Traffic Value (TV)+Brand Value (BV)+Utility Value (UV)+Discretionary Value (DiV) : Part 1 sells for 157,000. (scroll down.)  Great name to build on.  Good price for buyer (fully valued for name-investor), esp if they [...]

Thursday Linkfest (Dec 06, 2007) bid up to 431k at Auction auction is still live. 4 hours to go, as of 10 a.m. EST. Friday, Dec 6, 07  Reserve is 200,000 – 499,999. ***FS***  Great name..  This is fully valued from a wildcat-return investor’s perspective. Which domain extensions have increased in value the fastest.  Between 2004 – 2007. [...]

The 20 Most Influential People in Domains (Dec 06, 2007)

Nice list.. missing the founders of and also I think Paul Sloan/ Josh Quitner (writer and former editor) of Business 2.0 should have made this list..  Their coverage of the disruptive technology embodied in the name-biz helped to shine the light on the industry for other ”legitimate web” participants to see – and their stories provided the [...]

WIPO Increasingly Says Okay to Using Trademark Brands as Protest Tools (Dec 06, 2007),1000000097,39291329,00.htm This is the kind of direction we need to see more of..  It’s an unhealthy and unsafe dynamic when brand holders can beat you up because you told the world “their brand stinks” via a website which incorporates their brand-name.  Taken to it’s illogical conclusion, we’d have to invent codewords to talk about the products and services we [...]

Web 2.0 Bubble? – Must See Video (Dec 05, 2007)    Hilarious actually..  linked on Joe Davidosn’s blog..  and as joe points out,  I get a mini supporting role.

Wednesday Linkfest (Dec 05, 2007)

Domains Down Under sells for 700k. sells for 100k. These are excellent geographical names..  I like cities with “i” in front of them too.  Less organic traffic but cheaper and more brandable Other notable sales:  $2,600  $5,000  $1,775  $9,743 Dun and Bradstreet buy website for 55 million. [...]

Why Do “Good” Domains Cost So Much? (Nov 30, 2007)

Tia Wood asks: “”Frank, after looking at a thread at DNF titled “Why Domains cost what they do…Your Reasoning?”, I don’t feel anyone has hit the nail on the head. To me, why domains cost the what they do has largely to do with reverse branding: the ability to reverse brand a word for a company [...]

Friday Linkfest (Nov 30, 2007)

Half the planet has cell phone plans.  3.3 billion of them. How long before half of those people have full browsing on their phones? Pretty quick, i imagine. ***FS***  edge, bluetooth, .mobi, gsm123..  this all bullshit.  I’m an early adopter of almost all useful things tech and I predict mobile browsing (in the lean [...]