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Wednesday Linkfest (Dec 05, 2007)

Domains Down Under sells for 700k. sells for 100k. These are excellent geographical names..  I like cities with “i” in front of them too.  Less organic traffic but cheaper and more brandable Other notable sales:  $2,600  $5,000  $1,775  $9,743 Dun and Bradstreet buy website for 55 million. [...]

Tuesday Linkfest (Dec 04, 2007)

Police the Minority, Ignore Bigger Problem ***FS*** means well but can’t see the forest for the trees here.  An IP “expert” proposes a “Domain police force” to tackle cybersquatting.  Yeah..  that will stop all that stolen traffic..  sure it will bub.  Most “traffic” that gets incorrectly plumbed or stolen on the internet, does [...]

Monday Linkfest (Dec 03, 2007)

Which tld should bite the dust?  ***FS*** Domainer’s Gazette runs a refreshing poll ..  Should serve as excellent guidance to newbies. Parking Transparency  Whizzbang sets out a roadmap for Standards and Transparency for parking companies. ***FS*** I think true transparency is a pipedream absent some kind of leverage on the upstreams.  Nothing begets nothing [...]

Why Do “Good” Domains Cost So Much? (Nov 30, 2007)

Tia Wood asks: “”Frank, after looking at a thread at DNF titled “Why Domains cost what they do…Your Reasoning?”, I don’t feel anyone has hit the nail on the head. To me, why domains cost the what they do has largely to do with reverse branding: the ability to reverse brand a word for a company [...]

Friday Linkfest (Nov 30, 2007)

Half the planet has cell phone plans.  3.3 billion of them. How long before half of those people have full browsing on their phones? Pretty quick, i imagine. ***FS***  edge, bluetooth, .mobi, gsm123..  this all bullshit.  I’m an early adopter of almost all useful things tech and I predict mobile browsing (in the lean [...]

When to holdem.. When to foldem.. and How to Build a Good Hand. (Nov 30, 2007)

Thomas Price asks:   “”…how do you know when an unregistered domain is good enough to be registered? I find domains all the time that I think are great domains, but if I registered every domain I found, I would be bankrupt by the time it came around to renewing them. I’ve got a list [...]

Big Multifaceted Action on Bad Actors (Nov 29, 2007)

  In the Washington Post no less: As reported a few weeks ago this is a very thorough action targeting certain practices and practitioners. Quote: “”The complaint names three registrars as defendants — BelgiumDomains, CapitolDomains, and DomainDoorman — as well as what Dell claims are nearly a dozen Caribbean shell companies that allegedly served as [...]

Wednesday Linkfest (Nov 28, 2007) Sells for 1 million. 3 letter .com’s with good/great useable meaning are rare. Another compelling week for reported sales. .Net and .Org are the steady climbers. From:  DN journal weekly domain sale reports.  ***FS***  I remember selling for 1mm couple of years back.. is 100X better than ..  There’s the domain biz in [...]

Recreational Cybersquatting and Error Traffic Double-standards (Nov 27, 2007)   Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has filed a trademark infringement suit against a California dentist who has registered more than 40 Internet domains with names similar to the software maker’s products or brands. The domains registered by Dr. Saed Said are “identical or confusingly similar” to Microsoft’s trademarks, the company claims in court papers filed [...]

Traditional Domain Registrars to Move into SEO and PPC (Nov 27, 2007)

Netsol releases white paper: Pros and Cons of Pay per Click vs. SEO. ***FS*** Why would a registrar go to all the trouble of writing a white paper on this stuff?  It’s not to sell more domains, that’s for sure..  I smell a shift happening..  Registrar’s are worse copycats than Domainers..  Watch what happens at [...]