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Thursday Linkfest (Dec 06, 2007) bid up to 431k at Auction auction is still live. 4 hours to go, as of 10 a.m. EST. Friday, Dec 6, 07  Reserve is 200,000 – 499,999. ***FS***  Great name..  This is fully valued from a wildcat-return investor’s perspective. Which domain extensions have increased in value the fastest.  Between 2004 – 2007. [...]

Marchex to set up Neighborhood Blog Network (Nov 23, 2007)

Trial to be tested in Seattle. I’ve never been that excited by the zip code domains that Marchex owns.  Domain names are interesting when they get type-in traffic for no other reason than the keyword weight or gravity of the name.  The only zip code domains that get any type in traffic (of measure) is [...]

Rube Goldberg Reinvents the Domain Name (Nov 17, 2007)   Summary:  A guy who could have bought billions of dollars worth of domain real estate by applying his foresight (but didn’t) now declares “domain names dead” and hypothesizes that we will abandon domain names in favor of Rube Goldberg inspired Universal Search Locators (USLs) which will take over as the foundational elements of the web..  While I could [...]

Motley Fool Keeps an Eye on Marchex. (Nov 13, 2007)

Motley Fool/Rick Aristotle Munarriz looks at 4 internet based stocks that he calls intriguing. Marchex Autobytel Copernic Jupitermedia Quote: “”So I’ll keep watching the four companies, hoping to jump in early before they go “ping” on everyone else’s radar. Why watch? Well, somebody has to.”” ***FS*** I like Marchex because they are trading near [...]

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