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Domain Names, New and Old – Everybody Sells (Mar 21, 2008)

What does a guy who is well known for “not selling domains” know about selling domain names?  Well I might just know a thing or two.  As the title of this post states:  Everybody sells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cars, homes, financial instruments, religion..  everyone sells something.  Some of us are hard-sell : [...]

Monday Linkfest (Dec 10, 2007)

Elliot blogs about the 3 letter .com realm. ***FS*** There are only 17,576 3 letters in .com ..  This piece probably explains which a have gotten scores of spam sales offers for my three letter and 3 number domains over the past few days. Google reduces the importance of sub domains in it’s ranking [...]

Weekend Linkfest (Dec 07, 2007)

Everyone is Doing It ***FS*** Investing in domain names that is Domain Valuations : Chris Stewart Domain Value (DV)=Traffic Value (TV)+Brand Value (BV)+Utility Value (UV)+Discretionary Value (DiV) : Part 1 sells for 157,000. (scroll down.)  Great name to build on.  Good price for buyer (fully valued for name-investor), esp if they [...]

Thursday Linkfest (Dec 06, 2007) bid up to 431k at Auction auction is still live. 4 hours to go, as of 10 a.m. EST. Friday, Dec 6, 07  Reserve is 200,000 – 499,999. ***FS***  Great name..  This is fully valued from a wildcat-return investor’s perspective. Which domain extensions have increased in value the fastest.  Between 2004 – 2007. [...]

Wednesday Linkfest (Dec 05, 2007)

Domains Down Under sells for 700k. sells for 100k. These are excellent geographical names..  I like cities with “i” in front of them too.  Less organic traffic but cheaper and more brandable Other notable sales:  $2,600  $5,000  $1,775  $9,743 Dun and Bradstreet buy website for 55 million. [...]

Shadows of a Difficult 2008 (Nov 28, 2007)

     Not a good harbinger of things to come..  this morning I stumbed on to the chart linked here, while watching this video:   ..  and then read this in a private finance forum:  “”I have a typical savings and checking account at Citibank and just received an email regarding a change in their electronic transfers. They [...]

Wednesday Linkfest (Nov 28, 2007) Sells for 1 million. 3 letter .com’s with good/great useable meaning are rare. Another compelling week for reported sales. .Net and .Org are the steady climbers. From:  DN journal weekly domain sale reports.  ***FS***  I remember selling for 1mm couple of years back.. is 100X better than ..  There’s the domain biz in [...]

Name Media Doesn’t Need the Money (Nov 27, 2007) Wow..  What “credit crunch”?  In the midst of what some describe as a credit crisis and currency crisis (happening at the same time), Our friends at have just secured a new 5 year credit facility on as yet unspecified terms. Release states they can use the facility to “”repay all obligations outstanding under [...]

People who make a living in Second Life. (Nov 21, 2007) ***FS***  And you thought ‘you’ were special Mr. and Ms. Domainer..  Well you’re not the only one ‘making bank’ on the web.  Granted these folks are making shorter bank..  but it’s new and growing.  I like it. Postpones IPO (Nov 21, 2007) postpones initial public offering The company had expected to raise up to $185 million, cites market conditions as reason for hold. Josh says: Timing is everything.  Can’t help but think that current issues related to credit and the challenges that face the US economy may be affecting this postponement. ***FS*** I agree..  [...]