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Domain Names, New and Old – Everybody Sells (Mar 21, 2008)

What does a guy who is well known for “not selling domains” know about selling domain names?  Well I might just know a thing or two.  As the title of this post states:  Everybody sells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cars, homes, financial instruments, religion..  everyone sells something.  Some of us are hard-sell : [...]

ICANN Working to Make the Namespace Safer (Dec 03, 2007)

The draft gTLD Registry Failover Plan has been updated (see The public comment announcement is at This will be tested in January and reported to the community for the ICANN meeting in Delhi.   Take a straw poll of the general public and many will believe that ICANN’s primary role is that of an [...]

Big Multifaceted Action on Bad Actors (Nov 29, 2007)

  In the Washington Post no less: As reported a few weeks ago this is a very thorough action targeting certain practices and practitioners. Quote: “”The complaint names three registrars as defendants — BelgiumDomains, CapitolDomains, and DomainDoorman — as well as what Dell claims are nearly a dozen Caribbean shell companies that allegedly served as [...]

Legal Action Foreshock (Nov 16, 2007)

Industry scuttlebutt has it that a fairly large multifaceted legal action is coming down the chute involving, potentially, scores of litigants and defendants, multiple domain registrars and registrants.  As I understand the matter, it will seek to make a federal case out of folks who have tasted names using an active parking page to monetize [...]

Vint Knows His Stuff (Nov 15, 2007)

Vint Cerf says that a controlling agency (of the net) set up by governments is likely to fail.

Ignorance is Bliss (Nov 14, 2007)

   Or as   Dr. John Berryhill aptly put it when he sent me this handy graphic “Sometimes It’s Better to Be on The Outside Looking In” ..  This image nicely encapsulates the emotion pumping through the veins of well minded ICANN board members and Domainers who know more about Internet navigation than they’d wish to.

Should the US gov Retain Control over TLD’s? (Nov 09, 2007) ***FS***  A great question with no simple answer.  I have long viewed domain names as synonymous with “the Internet” ..  No domain names, no Internet..  Buy all the domain names, control the Internet.  Overly simplistic perhaps,  but there is certainly some truth to the theory.  I would prefer to see a US centric Internet..  [...]

Food For Thought From Danno (Nov 08, 2007)

 1. Sold for GBP150,000 to Become the Highest Value for a Internet Domain Name: 2.   ICANN, through the eyes of a new board member: 3. Domain For Sale(60+K Uniques a month):

Verizon Error Search Domino Effect: Turning the “Free Internet” Into Compuserve / Prodigy (Nov 08, 2007)

 Dr. John Berryhill takes us on a brief turn down memory lane and posits on the potential ‘tit for tat’ relating to the hijacking of user intent:  “”Recall that when Sitefinder was operating, there was a BIND patch (put out by Vixie?) that would detect Verisign’s synthesized DNS results and “re-fix” them as NXDOMAIN. So, you now [...]

New IP Addresses for ICANN (Nov 07, 2007)

   ICANN sets up new IP address for one of it’s thirteen root servers.  A daylight savings like call to IT folks everywhere.