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Domain Names, New and Old – Everybody Sells (Mar 21, 2008)

What does a guy who is well known for “not selling domains” know about selling domain names?  Well I might just know a thing or two.  As the title of this post states:  Everybody sells. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling cars, homes, financial instruments, religion..  everyone sells something.  Some of us are hard-sell : [...]

What Happens in Vegas .. Happens Everywhere (Feb 23, 2008)

I just spent a few days in Vegas at the TRAFFIC convention..  man that town will chew you up and spit you out if you let it. The night I left town Josh sent me this link which focuses on an interesting observation.   While $4+ million worth of domain names just sold at the Las Vegas TRAFFIC [...]

My Kingdom for An Eyeball (Feb 14, 2008)

What a world we live in..  and what a great deal a man (or woman) can learn in a month away from the blog-sphere.. Deals announced, partnerships strategized and all roads lead to the ability to reach our fellow-man.   I’ve been traveling for family issues (nothing serious folks) over the past month –  I’ve been [...]

2008 and Beyond (Jan 07, 2008)

  It’s wonderful being back after an extended vacation break. I used to scoff at vacationing (vacations are for the weak), but I was amazed that those friends and colleagues who took longer absences around the holidays skated circles around my productivity around March and April of the next year. I won’t bore you folks [...]

Christmas Vacation (Dec 10, 2007)

Folks it’s time for me to recharge the batteries..  I’ll be leaving the blog today so that I have some time to wrap up a few left-over items..  then I take to the skies for my Christmas vacation..  I’ll try to upload some shots from the trip and stop in to post if anything major comes up [...]

Disruptive Technology to Change Advertising as We Know it (Dec 10, 2007) We can all feel the changes reverberate across the Web..  Domain names registered by small registrants and large aggregators who create content and take eyeballs/market share away from established media/content co’s are the ultimate disruptive technology. It’s a great time to be in this industry..  I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens.

Monday Linkfest (Dec 10, 2007)

Elliot blogs about the 3 letter .com realm. ***FS*** There are only 17,576 3 letters in .com ..  This piece probably explains which a have gotten scores of spam sales offers for my three letter and 3 number domains over the past few days. Google reduces the importance of sub domains in it’s ranking [...]

A Visit to Art Basel in Miami Makes Mike Berkins Appreciate how Cheap Domains Are (Dec 10, 2007) This piece deserves to be set apart from the Linkfest..  Berkins has that “oh-my-gosh” moment and realizes how cheap domain names are when viewed against overpriced pieces of modern-art. Art hangs on a wall and costs you money..  Domains activate on the Web and “make you money”. To be fair..  the art market [...]

The Blind Leading Those Who Can Not See (Dec 10, 2007)

 Beware of Domain Name Traffickers. by John F. Letchford: (From the Archer and Greiner Intellectual Property website.) Excerpt: “”Domain parking sites collect and index additional links where domain name registrants share revenue generated by web traffic but do not directly compete with the holders of similar legitimate trademarks or brand names. Registrants of parking sites [...]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving (Dec 10, 2007)

Conor writes: “”I am giving domains as gifts for Christmas this year. Any suggestions on how to give as a gift? I am thinking about just registering and hosting myself and if they want to take full control I will transfer it to an account they create. Otherwise, I’m not sure how to register [...]