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There Are No Accidents

There Are No Accidents

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. “There are no accidents” as the wise Turtle in Kung-fu Panda once said. That statement is true of my most recent hiatus from this blog as much as it is of other serendipitous happenings in my life.  When I’m blogging, I’m not innovating.  Blogging is an opportunity to vent and reflect, but when you’re venting and reflecting you’re not growing.


The last 12 months have been one hell of a growth curve for me.  My team and I opened a very frilly “no-frills” sales and traffic monetization platform (based on the internal platform we run). We’ve switched upstream monetization partners and we’re innovating (as I write) for the future benefit of ourselves and our sub-syndication partners.  This will result in material benefits in the next 3 months, at which time I may temporarily stop adding new participants to ITC/DNS. Some of the changes contemplated by our upstream advertising partners are remarkably bold and out-of-the-box.  All our ITC/DNS account holders will benefit from the changes if our upstream folks execute on the grand ideas they’ve shared with us.

It was terrific and weird going to Domainfest this January – so many new faces full of hope and ambition. That was terrific.  It was weird being the elder statesman of the show.  I actually signed autographs – that was weird. All those new folks have found “THE BEST” space in which to make a living.  One need only watch an afternoon of Discovery Channel and shows like “Storage Wars” or “American Pickers” where participants drive hundreds of miles to chase unknown junk or treasure, before you realize how fortunate we are. We collectively chase “real dollars” in this business (a year salary possible with a sold name) while the reality TV folks I mentioned chase nickels and their tail.


This business still offers opportunity like no other!  So many un-mined veins.  There are just 200 million names registered for 7 billion people (and 500 million businesses) to share.  My nephew Rylan’s coming of age reminds me that the 7billionth child will be ready to set up her new email address in 10 short years. Number 7 billion will have a different spectrum of names from which choose, but judging by Rylan’s reaction to the gift of – they will still covet the .com more than their ultimate choice. Before you roll your eyes at the idea of 10 years, let me tell you that these last 10 went by in a bliding flash!  I am growing my own business. I am gentrifying and publicizing the formerly private tools I had at my disposal, so that our ITC/DNS partners can unlock the value of their portfolios, as I hope to do with mine in the heady growth of 2012 and the few close years ahead.

My advice for those in this space this year is to hunker down and work hard.  Rid yourself of problem names and names with no revenue. Do a better job managing your good names and pay your renewals out in advance. If you’re a generic name operator who has not tried our platform, give us a try or at least make us aware of your portfolio so we know who you are, because we won’t likely have the time to deal with latecomers as we work to improve the fortunes of those who believed in us from the beginning, later in 2012. Everyone in this space (whether they work with us or not) should have a pretty good year this year, but I hope to work harder than ever to unlock the value of the portfolios which we manage. I want to pay back those who believed in me and create a cycle of prosperity for those who had faith in me.  If you thought last year was surprising, this year will floor you. All the changes we execute this year are designed to unlock the value and increase the cash flow of the generic name owners we support.

I often wonder how it is that I got here and tell all who care to listen that it was a very fortunate “Forrest-Gump like” series of accidents that helped me find my way to the healthy and happy place I am today.  It took my 7 year old daughter and her love of Kung-Fu Panda to remind me that not everyone is good at managing domain names. We were born to do this stuff. “There are no accidents”.

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  2. Grayman says:

    Hi Frank! Well true a mistake is an abstract concept, a subjective perspective, life is not meant for regrets! Glsd to see you posting again! G/L with the traffic monetisation side of things!

  3. twitter marketing…

    [...]There Are No Accidents « Seven Mile Blog[...]…

  4. Peter says:

    Than you for the reminder. On my ToDo list: I posted a comment today and would value your opinion on the subject copied = Owen@ What do you consider the long term impications of QR codes might be in relation to direct online use? Seems to be the holy grail for Google adword auctions? No point in TLD registrations if all registrations (QR codes) are cognative calls to action. ICANN cannot be luddite in its views, Finding this difficult to get my head around. Will tell my grandson to become a trademark attorney and take on Twitter.

  5. Carlos Martins says:

    Hi Frank

    Since i heard about you (i am an average domainer with some years of experience but already commited errors, i hate arrogancy on this or that) i like your way of thinking and face the challenge of promoting and sell domains.
    Then totally agree with you and love your work.

    Could you tell me – how tu ubscribe our names or a list of them? Can we get an idea about type of domains or categories you accept to make a portfolio or simply you need all our domains an make a portfolio?

    Thnaks for your reply.
    Best regards
    Carlos Martins

  6. steven says:

    thanks for sharing frank… as usual, truer words were never spoken
    although.. re: We were born to do this stuff…. i’d say for me i’d have to
    swap ‘there are no accidents’ with ‘nothing just happens’

    stay well brother…


  7. Dan says:

    Mr. Schilling,

    You should write more often.. always real, always inspiring. Thanks for sharing and getting me started in the domaining biz.


  8. Darryl Lopes says:

    Hello Frank,

    Good to see you blogging and venting :) I recently re-read your older posts, I haven’t read them all, I have saved them ad word documents on my hard drive cause if you had to take your older posts off your blog, they would be lost forever, but I would have a copy.

    I got into domaining two years ago, a guy by the name Danny Batelic got me interested, he is a drummer and started flipping domains and making good money, so I thought as he thought when he started domaining. “If he can do it, I can do it too” So I did. I now sold my first domain beginning of January and sold another this week. Both domains by the way. I have just over 50 domains in my “portfolio”. It’s a good start and I am developing the domains as well, good advice, keep your renewals up to date, funny how many people forget that most important part.

    As for Forrest-Gump I wonder how much his shares In Apple are worth today.;)

    Hope you and all the domainers out there have a prosperous 2012. :)


  9. Najiko says:

    Very inspirational indeed.

  10. domain guy says:

    blogging from frank is no waste of time or venting..every word frank blogs is way beyond casual information…thoughtful,intelligent,metaphors,analogies,sharing thoughts,
    actions can benefit an entire industry.

  11. Louise says:

    Or, it could be a Forrest Gump within a Forrest Gump, such as when you register a domain with one purpose, and, over time, the domain takes a 2nd, more valueable meaning. For instance, I registered, “dual screen software dot com” and “dual screen app dot com” as apps to suit the dual screen device industry, such as dual screen laptops, and – lo and behold! – dual and multi screen monitors are happening, which, of course, require a dual screen software to split functions between screens, for higher productivity. It’s because monitors got cheap in the last couple years – who could have predicted that?

    Multi-screen multitaskers

    People who work with 2 or more monitors don’t want to go back. I can understand that! Enjoy! :)

  12. JW says:

    Frank, please make your parking platform accessible to smaller domainers like me!

  13. Wayne says:

    One post from Frank is worth much more than can be obtained from most others in my opinion. He seldom posts but these posts are amazing.

  14. LM says:

    I call first dibs on whatever you drop.

  15. Peter says:

    Ref Peter says:
    February 13, 2012 at 3:10 AM
    I also posted the same question to another in the domain comunity who replied. My further comment to clarify my post =
    Mike@ Thank you for your comment. The request to comment is simply to flag up what seems to be a technically smart step around for TDL domain regstrations and therefor of concern to all domain registrants. We understand the importance of the smartphone & poss AppleTV. If I register “ Could I advertise Car Insurance with a QR code as my principle point of contact ? My question is really Has the technology takes us back to where Google wants us to be, all renting real estate from Google with no domain marketing advantages ?
    I would be grateful for your views ?

  16. Amanda says:

    My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forest Gump

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Absolutely no coincidences or accidents in life. Best of luck to you in 2012.

  17. steve says:

    What are we able to sign up for. I see no link?
    Am I blind and dumb?

  18. The Cypriot says:

    Always Dramatic Aye Frank :]

    For all those non-believers/pessimists out there, here’s a story for the day.

    I’m a 3-year ccTLD investor, I just got a call for a domain on behalf of one of the biggest companies in my country – an LLL domain. I justified some of the previous historical sales in an E-Mail 2 months ago, and they are now in talks with me at a very high price. ($60 000 USD) – for a hand registration in 2010. I foolishy said I’ll never go higher because my mind simply couldn’t comperehend the high figure that they threw at me. A Year’s Salary – In Africa, that’s what we call a King’s Yearly Salary. I still don’t know if it’s an accident that this post went up just 3 days ago.

    My lucky break in domaining dawns ever closer, and so does the day we meet Frank. Don’t worry I’ll be the one signing an autograph for you this time :]

    Long Live Generic Domains !

  19. AS says:

    Peter , re: QR codes. Here’s a blurb from a marketer

  20. John says:


    [...]There Are No Accidents « Seven Mile Blog[...]…

  21. Domain Names says:

    Domain Names…

    [...]There Are No Accidents « Seven Mile Blog[...]…

  22. Lucas says:

    Frank, really admirable how you push the industry forward.

    Just something I would like to clarify:
    not having tried your platform does not mean that we don’t believe in you from the beginning,
    (at least speaking for myself)
    some we still have very low traffic portfolios,
    I guess we are the “minicomers” :-)