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Weekend Linkfest

Weekend Linkfest

Everyone is Doing It

***FS*** Investing in domain names that is ;)

Domain Valuations : Chris Stewart

Domain Value (DV)=Traffic Value (TV)+Brand Value
(BV)+Utility Value (UV)+Discretionary Value (DiV) : Part 1 sells for 157,000.

(scroll down.)  Great name to build on.  Good price for buyer (fully valued for name-investor), esp if they are going to develop.  Via would be a good name  for a search engine or some kind of portal.  Lot of other possibilities.  Has meaning in multiple languages.

Danno_2 From Danno:

AfternicDLS Member Sells for $275K (nice story)

 ***FS***  Still sooo much untapped opportunity in the name business for those who care to try. 

iREIT leaves the ICA

(Scroll down at the link.)

***FS***  It was really more Bob Martin who was behind iReit’s participation in the ICA..  with Bob gone it’s no surprise the group dropped out. now shows that sold for $ 1,015,000.  Josh says :  I think the buyer got a good deal. You can buy a parking spot in Central London for  $50,000 – $90,000 and in some cases you’ll pay considerable monthly fees on it.  And to go with your parking space, you can buy this 3 bedroom, 3 bedroom flat for $13,000,000.
Renewal fee each year on $ 7.50 . Taxes and maintenance costs on your $13,000,000 flat in London: Priceless.

***FS***  Agree with J’man’s logic but as a wildcat investor (me) who has to front the 1mm,  the carrying charge is about 70k a year.. so I’d say the name’s fully valued from an invetor’s perspective.

Considerable controversy around the sale of

Excerpt: “Constantine Giorgio Roussos thought he was the winner of in yesterday’ auction at Sedo. He bid $66,000. The auction ended and he received an automated invoice from Sedo. He then received a  “personal” e-mail from a Sedo employee (which also may have been automated). But then something happened. Sedo extended the auction due to a server slowdown in the final minutes of the auction.” The name was then sold to someone else who bid $616,000.

***FS*** This is the classic fight over nothing.  Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a publicity stunt.

Opportunity Cost of Lost Opportunities.

Interesting article by Elliot Silver.  Sometimes you “overpay” now, and benefit later.  Perhaps you never overpaid in the first place.

***FS***  Historically speaking, if the name was generic and got type-in-traffic, it was very hard to loose money in the domain biz..  the market has consistently caught up to your overpayment..  That won’t go on forever tho.

Light of Logic Creeping Through

New York Times David Pogue blasts companies that have chosen wierd and hard to remember company names.He points out plenty of hard to remember names. Trulia and Zillow are two better examples than “Fark” which is witty enough.

Danno_2Danno Sends Related

Seussical-Sounding Web Site Names 

***FS*** Nice to see people having that..  “hayyy… waita minute.  “  moment of logic setting in.  Most Web2 names are awful.

Eric Litman becomes Managing Director of WashingtonVC.

***FS***  Congrats Eric.

Where’s the money?

Excerpt: “”The venture (capital) industry is headed into a wall. All the best companies are being sold,” Deninger said. “For seven straight years, the number of companies going public has declined. That means the number of (prospective) buyers is also declining. Eventually, the VCs will have fewer companies that they can sell their companies to.”"

***FS*** Blame SarbOx man ..  People are getting sloppy overpaying for nothing and the good stuff never sees the light of day..  Irony: Rules meant to protect investors only serve to make the rich richer and give said investors fewer opportunities.

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  1. Steve says: at 1+ mill? Nice (looks like it’s time to raise the price on ;-)

  2. jeff says:

    how is it fluff/ more bidders entered into the .mobi sedo auction……..

    P.S. – where does Bob martin work now?

  3. Josh says:

    ***FS***  Agree with J’man’s logic but as a wildcat investor (me) who has to front the 1mm,  the carrying charge is about 70k a year.. so I’d say the name’s fully valued from an invetor’s perspective.


    Hey wildcat,

    When you write, carrying charge, do you mean you would borrow the mil to get the domain, or that your million could be earning you 7% somewhere else?

    I should have qualified my statement further, because when i said the buyer got a good deal, i was thinking that the buyer would build on it, and generate some decent revenue.

    As per 70k per year carrying charges,..

    while not easy to do, i wonder how one could guesstimate how much this name would increase in value per year, even without any building.

    Depending on the type in traffic, the name might earn $200 a day at a well optimized ppc scenario, and then your carrying charges are covered.

  4. Eric Litman says:

    Appreciate it, Frank.