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Thursday Linkfest

Thursday Linkfest bid up to 431k at Auction

auction is still live. 4 hours to go, as of 10 a.m. EST. Friday, Dec 6, 07  Reserve is 200,000 – 499,999.

***FS***  Great name..  This is fully valued from a wildcat-return investor’s perspective.

Which domain extensions have increased in value the fastest. 

Between 2004 – 2007. All the data:

***FS***Summary:  Buy .com’s

Whizzbang: Where to buy domains.

***FS*** still find deals on, and

Verisign states that 146 million domain names registered across all TLD’s.

12 million in the last quarter. Josh

***FS***  Most of the 12mm new names were discovered through tasting ..  and (very very important) only 5-10% of all 146mm names are worth anything whatsoever.. to any more than one distinctive entity.  That means there are just 7 – 14 million investment grade names available to the world.. How many do you own?

Alvaro Albarracin goes on a .mobi speculation shopping spree.


Alvaro says “I am not planning on developing these names,  I am planing on selling these sometime in the near  future.” .. 

***FS***Sell Alvaro ..  run like the wind and sell.  This man will be joining Dr. Van Neeste in the land of irrelevance shortly

Pubcon coverage.  Domaining.

Effective Domain name strategies

***FS***  These are good beginnings..  bet that a handful of folks had the light-bulb domaining moment.. 

Domains and trademarks.

Clark Walton, Esq. – Domain Name Law

***FS***  Synopsis of presentation provides interesting insight into lawyer’s thinking, tactics.. Most domainers I know don’t run from lawyers.. They have lawyers too  :)   In 7 years I’ve found that you are more likely to be challenged by an over-reaching lawyer on a legitimate registration that you are to be backed into a corner over a name you really shouldn’t own.

Bruce Clay’s take on Richard Rosenblatt’s keynote

***FS***  I like Richard Rosenblatt..  He’s a one in ten million character..  One of the most charismatic people I have ever drank Patron with / met.

Pubcon coverage links above via Sahar.

***FS***  Thanks Sahar!

Domain industry events listed.  Til May 2008.

***FS***Nice summary to bookmark on

Domain Truffles.

Josh says: Michael Berkens talks about domains as commodities and collectibles.  As well, he highlights the notion of quality by briefly discussing buying oil paintings at a flea market as compared to going to Art Basel in Miami, where 500 million dollars worth of art is expected to sell in just 4 days. He likes truffles, too.  Btw, Michael, it was a dog and not a pig that found the giant truffle that recently sold at auction in Macau.

***FS***Berkens is an attorney turned domainer..  He has great insight into the value proposition that meaningful generic names represent.  Love the truffle analogy Mike.

Moniker Pubcon auction results.

Monte continues to move auctions outside of the  domain investment community.  That’s a good thing. – $55,000 – $45,000 — $17,000 — $14,000 – $10,000
More sales results of other names here:

Tips for finding brandable domain names. 

by Bill Eisenmann.
Excerpt: “”Not everyone is looking for keyword rich, generic domain names. Many Internet startups are looking for a simple, catchy name or phrase to build their online identity around. Brandable, web 2.0 style domain names have gained popularity in recent years mostly due to the explosion of social-networking sites.

***FS***  Everybody wants traffic..  Everybody..  Whether they say it or not..  whether they know it or not..  nobody wakes up in the morning, says “I want to start a website that nobody will visit”.  Nothing happens on the Internet without traffic.  Generic keyword style domain names get a primer-level of organic type in traffic for nothing more than the keyword weight or gravity of the name itself.  Those are the “catchy”, “brandable” and “cool-sounding” names which constitute the 5-10% of all names registered which are worth anything at all..  Those are the names you want.

Domain Tools Auction

Jay responds to auction criticisms, reduces after auction pricing reduction for names that don’t sell to 10% reduction from previously stated 20% reduction, and drops his commission to 9 % from 10%.

Joshsays: Read the post for more details and other info.  One of the things that Jay says is they they will do alot of pre auction promotion, to generate interest.  Thing is, the cut off date for name submissions is Christmas eve, and the auction is on January 3rd.  ?. Jay retains exclusive rights to sell the domain for 60 days after the auction.

***FS***  It’s his sandbox..  and he needs some kind of tool to discourage off-block sales after auction close.  Understand the sellers POV too tho.

Facebook bows to pressure about Beacon Ads.

Allows users to turn them off completely.  How many will turn it off?  Choice.

***FS***  Josh Quitner was unfairly silenced on this..  It’s Facebook who deserved the slap-down IMO.

Nokia to continue to invest in online services

.. to add value to their phones.

***FS***  Nokia is in trouble long-term..  They don’t have the software..  Anyone can make hardware.

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  1. [...] Franky says: Sell Alvaro .. run like the wind and sell. This man will be joining Dr. Van Neeste in the land of irrelevance shortly [...]

  2. Adil says:


    Regarding Bruce Clay’s post on Richard’s talk.

    “The key is that content is valuable in all forms because Google indexes it. And if even one person comes to you through Google instead of you having to buy them, y ou’re ahead.”

    What he should’ve really said is that although content is king, relying on Google is not the best long term strategy and if even one person finds you without you having to pay them for their visit, you’re ahead. (And ofcourse by paying them, I mean SEO, SEM, content etc.)

  3. Jeff says:

    Hi Frank,

    You say:
    > there are just 7 – 14 million investment grade names available to the world

    How are you arriving at this figure?

    ***FS*** The expiring domain name lists Jeff.. Back before anyone really knew or cared about names, before tasting, before registrars holding names back, before auctions.. only about 5-10% of the daily drop was worth chasing by anyone (and that’s being tgenerous) the rust was utter and complete crap.. It was like that for years. Today is not different.. Well except for the fact that today we compete at auction for near crap.. and the good stuff either doesn’t expire or gets kept by rars. 5-10% is worth anything whatsoever.. that includes the longtail.

  4. Patrick McDermott says:

    “Btw, Michael, it was a dog and not a pig that found the giant truffle that recently sold at auction in Macau.”

    Pigs were originally used for truffle hunting.

    This was a problem as the pigs liked to eat the truffles they found.

    So dogs were used.

    The dogs didn’t eat the truffles.


  5. jeff says:

    Re: auction:

    “Due to recent unavailability of this auction site the auction has been extended by 20 minutes.”

    LOL Sedo .mobi auction error all over again… Heck lets extend all auctions and make more money.

  6. DP says:

    Sedo actually sent the winning bidders from the first pass “contracts” for their winning bids, then changed their minds and added two hours to the auctions because their site wasn’t up to the load during the final minutes of bidding. This has been discussed at length elsewhere.

    The point is that if Sedo can so easily get out of their “contract” then a winning bidder should be able to also .. Alvaro, I own .MOBI names, I believe .MOBI has a shot long term, but a million bucks? Shop wisely and you can get some fantastic .COM domains with that. Just look at some of the deals from last night’s Pubcon auction that were passed – go to the domain auctions at “non-domainer” events and your million bucks will take you further.

    Do what Frank says, run like hell from this…

  7. Michael says:

    “Welcome to the official page of Alvaro Albarracin, collaborator of the Government of god in earth with his Worldwide President: Dr Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, The Man Christ Jesus.”
    If anyone is not familiar with Dr Jose Luis de

    Jesus Miranda, please read this:

    The .MOBI guy may have some “inside” info!

  8. Bill says:

    Here’s a recent New York Times article that questions the logic behind adopting meaningless terms as domain names. It’s a different point of view, but it does support your views on brandables.