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Ziss is a Ferry Ferry Good Bissness…

Ziss is a Ferry Ferry Good Bissness…

   Post title comes courtesy of some European banker friends of mine… They sound like Henry Kissinger when they talk :)  It was the thought that rushed through my head after reading the domain related story linked below. It’s an IPO color piece re: Name Media’s offering. I enjoy reading domain related stories viewed through fresh eyes:

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land gets the crispest quote of the piece:

“”There are an amazing number of people who simply guess that if they want a particular product, such as ‘running shoes,’ they need only put those words together and slap a dot-com on the end to find something relevant,” … “Sometimes that works, where they get to good, solid, editorially-driven sites making use of a generic name. Sometimes, they end up at a page full of ads.” Either way, Sullivan figures, they’re getting something useful.”"

It amazes me too Danny.

Also nice succinct quote by author:

“”Click-through rates for ads on direct navigation sites are higher than those for ads on search-result pages. Even more importantly, the “conversion” rate—that is, the percentage of click-throughs that result in actual purchases—is, for some reason, almost twice as high at direct-navigation sites (4.23 percent) as it is at conventional search sites (2.30 percent), according to a three-month study conducted in 2005 by WebSideStory.  Aggregated over thousands of visitors, an advantage like that adds up to real money, which explains why advertisers who use keyword-based programs like Google’s AdWords and AdSense are, for the most part, happy to have their ads show up on parked domains.”"

From your lips to God’s ears baby. ;)

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  1. David Wrixon says:

    Those CTRs are actually shocking low for an IDNer. Although traffic volumes are low at the moment, our CTRs are typically about 15%.

  2. Seb says:

    These are not CTRs but clicks converting to sales.

  3. Robb says:

    Good to hear these opinions.

  4. The problem for domainers is no one cares about double click throughs when the traffic from the direct navigation is thousands of percentage less than that of the “domains” actual website competitors..

    No Company cares about 50 visitors or 500 visitors a month when their websites are creating tens of thousands of visitors each day ..if not more via their already branded “Direct Navigation” as well as established links and SE traffic.

    “Direct Navigation” domains are best right where they domainers portfolios

    And come on Frank.. if you are going to pick and choose Quotes from the article how about picking the most relevant..this is the bottom line message that the reporter is sending their readers

    “But to this reporter, direct-navigation sites are more than just the Web’s 21st-century, hyperlinked equivalent of the Yellow Pages. They’re more like big malls where everyone arrived by getting lost, where all the stores have hauntingly generic names, and where somebody collects a fee every time you stop to look at a product. Call me a snob, but I’ll be doing my Christmas shopping over at Google’s.”

  5. David Wrixon says:

    Sorry my bad!

  6. Danno says:


    I will call the guy (author) a ‘snob’…LOL
    “Direct Navigation” domains are best right where they domainers portfolios”

    Maybe I am missing something…

    If the ‘clicks converting to sales’ percentage is about 75+% better from ads on ‘direct navigation’ domains…than ‘conventional search ads’(Google adwords) why would all these ‘direct navigation’ parked ad domains…not…belong a-top a search engine’s results page?

    Google Adwords are…lol

    Sounds like they are a much better experience for Internet users…. than clicking on a Google adwords ad… at the ‘top’ of a search results page.

    Yet somehow, a ‘parked ‘direct navigation’ domain such as: would be a ‘bad experience’ if Internet searchers got to this site from a #1 organic listing on Google for the specific keyword search term ‘crossword puzzles’…instead of the direct navigation route.

    Go to:

    And please explain to me… how by putting in the #1 spot for this search result right now…it would somehow take away from the results currently on this page or give the Internet searcher a bad experience?

    What would happen to the ‘clicks converting to sales percentage’ from people arriving to from this internet search VS arriving from ‘direct navigation’?

    The same or better?

    Most of Google’s revenues and profits still come from these ‘conventional search engine ads’…that way under perform ads from sound direct keyword domains.

    Oh…but wait…

    Google already knows the huge value of ‘direct navigation domains better than anyone…they run the biggest PPC parking program on the planet.

    What a ‘racket’…

    Selling under performing search engine ads to ALL the ‘sheep’ and then collecting huge amounts of money offering PPC ads to people with tons of ‘direct navigation’ domains…and then making it impossible for a domain like from entering their search engine in its current state…because the quality of the site right now is not up to their standards…

    Even though according to actual ‘internet searchers’ the quality of the site is almost 100% better, than the quality of the Internet search ads they are selling.

    Dan,I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your quote above…

    Direct navigation domains need to be ‘unleashed’ to get 110% of the value out of them…not caged (by Google)…like most of them are now…only getting 40%-50% of the true value out of them.

    IMHO…as always


  7. Pat East says:

    A 3-month study from 2005? Ummm…that’s two years ago. The Interweb has changed quite a bit since then. Why would they use data that’s so out of date?

  8. Hugh says:

    Trying to figure who is more clueless the author or McCullough, Nice that Wrixon always interjects IDN into everything, What a Wombat