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Tuesday Linkfest

Tuesday Linkfest


Go Daddy asks how to improve their signature auctions:  Elliot puts his mind to work and posts up a three point plan.

Domain Speculation Pointers.

***FS*** Elliot goes into depth.  Focus of this article is brand spanking new registrations. I thought all good names were already taken? :)   Everything but new vernacular is gon gone gone. Then again..  reading the 1950′s era popular Mechanics at a family member’s house shows how much language changes..  and how much it stay’s the same.  Fad’s come and go, trends stay with us and big generic words/phrases will be with us forever.  It’s your job Mr. Domainer to understand the difference. That’s where the money comes from.

Total Names Registered

There are more than 96 million “active” domain names on
the Net.

***FS***  all but 5-7% are total crap or only have value to a sole distinctive entity.  That’s why domains are scarce.  Rubber hits the road here

Domain Gospel

Sahar points to Domink Mueller evangelizing to non domainers about domain names.

***FS*** Sometimes when I evangelize the space it can be self serving in the sense that the more folks who know about the space the more it helps my portfolio..  But if you look at it honestly..  pumping the space doesn’t help individual names that much..  There is something instinctively rewarding about being altruistic, helping another person, giving back and making a friend.

Diamonds Domains are Forever

Sahar compares the marketing of diamonds to the potential marketing of domains.

***FS***  This is a great analogy..  grading of domains is subtle.. little one character diffeences can amount to millions of dollars in price swings per name, just like diamonds.  Difference is that we don’t ‘need’ diamonds so much..  A bad economy and we’re going lower quality stones or CZ..  Own some of the 5-7 million domains that mean anything whatsoever and it’s a totally different ballgame.  We “need” those.

Sell!! gets 120,000 Euro bid at sedo auction. Has met it’s reserve. at 130,000.  Has met it’s reserve.

***FS*** Be interesting to see if the bidder is legit. Sell all day long at that dollar. is fair value.. IMO  ..  might still have some headroom but not for wildcat returns.

I Thought I bought This Name

Holiday domains. up for auction on Nov 29/07.

***FS***  Really!.. verno?

Country Code Domains

.BB redelegated to Barbados gov. Had been under management with the local office of Cable and Wireless.

***FS***  Two consecutive characters might be easier to type, but they look funny and doesn’t sound right for the Country…  I live in Cayman where the Country code is .KY and so many people confuse us with Kentucky USA.  I think if country codes sounded like the Country (.CAY .BAR) they would sell way better, more people would use them.

China Rising

ICANN release 6 week IDNwili Report of user stats. Includes % share of use based on language. Highest is Chinese at 40.76 % share.

***FS*** A billion Chinese can’t be wrong

Do Evil.

Google stock share hits 666, and Sahar has some fun.

***FS***  Saw this yesterday..  had lots of fun with it..  What are the odds that it closes at exactly that to the penny anyway?  Would have been even weirder with 66 cents.


***FS***  Throw enough stuff at the wall and something’s bound to stick.

‘Real’ Human People

Dotster offers live SEO consultations with “real” humans.

***FS***  Aaron Wall should offer “Extreme-VIP”  SEO  phone consultations at $20 a minute  ..  nice sideline

Cartoonist pokes Facebook.

***FS***  This is just funny.  Sometimes when the masses are ‘unsure’ or ‘listless’, those masses can be easily led astray..  true in life..  true for Facebook.

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  1. Dustin Zahrt says:

    Hi Frank,

    In regards to – if you’ll please allow me to explain…

    The short of it is I did reach out to Vern on this name and we were close on price – but not quite.

    Therefore, I decided to see if might want to feature the domain at auction. I didn’t get an answer back right away so I figured why not, I’ll consider a lower price and I let Vern know.

    Before I heard back that anything was agreed to, informed me they’d be featuring the name at auction. They don’t however provide a way out once they select your name for auction. I didn’t understand that fully at first.

    So if anything this post could go to show that if you are negotiating you should be very sure the negotiations are over before having your name considered for auction.

    Sorry Frank….and Vern.

    ***FS*** Totally okay… Vern told me .. I’ll bid. ;)

  2. aaron wall says:

    >>Be interesting to see if the bidder is legit. Sell all day long at that dollar.

    Frank recommends selling a domain? I never thought I would see that. :)

  3. Javier Marti says:

    (You are pushing out stuff faster than I can keep up, So I am not sure if you posted it already…)

    I found this and thought:
    “One of us is Kevin Ham…
    One of us is Frank Schilling…
    For the rest of us, there is “How to be a billionaire” boardgame! Yeah! ;)


    Javier Marti