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Domainer’s Choice Awards

Domainer’s Choice Awards

If I had a product or service to advertise I’d consider this opportunity..  I have no ties to the org.. just like this idea/name and think the concept has potential to stick around and become part of the broader domain show/convention circuit. There are many exemplary domain industry participants who never get the praise they should..   This “vote of the people” will be terrific for shining the light of flattery on those quiet and humble individuals who so richly deserve it.
  “”Domainers Choice Awards 

Your Industry, Your Choice ! 
Your Stars of the Domain Industry !

This will be a wonderful opportunity for the Domain Community to vote on the nominations for each category and then in addition, the final winners.

As we all know, the Domain Industry is rapidly expanding, so we are anticipating a very diverse and robust pool of potential voters. It will be very exciting to see what individuals and companies the Domain Community decides should be honored.

The winners will be announced during DOMAINfest Global ’08 in Hollywood, California January 21-23, 2008.

We intend this event to eventually become a world class event, equal in stature in every way to the “Hollywood” standard of “Star” making Awards Ceremonies.

We are pleased and honored to offer this unique Domain Industry Sponsorship opportunity by including you as a potential sponsor for the inaugural Domainers Choice Awards !

To showcase this open platform where all Domain Industry levels are urged to participate and choose, we intend to make these sponsorship opportunities as affordable as possible. This will allow for a broader reflection of what the Domain Industry has to offer all those who are actively participating in these selections online and as well as those attendees of the live event.

Therefore we offer these four sponsorship levels:

Diamond….  $1000.00  ….Top of page, larger banner and text, Inclusion in full page ad in Domainfest Program and show bag insert

Platinum…   $500.00     …Same as above listing under Diamond on page

Gold…          $100.00     …Link and text, listed under the above 2 on page

Silver…        $50.00       …Text link listed under the 3 above.

In the spirit of giving back to all of the domaining community, there will be a scholarship fund for domainers and/or their immediate family.  A portion of all sponsorship monies received for the Domainers Choice Awards will be used to fund the scholarships.

The Sponsor page is Live ! for you to submit your information.

We anticipate the voting site will be live on November 29th, so this will give you some good exposure before the show. As well, we have already been mentioned on some industry forums, blogs and in DNJournal, with more to follow as the show gets closer. Everyday we are getting the word out.

Sponsoring these awards is a great way to show the community at large that you care about what they want and need. Remember, January is around the corner, so those who sign up now, will get to take advantage of the build up before the show!

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