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Domain Deletions…  1 Millisecond = 10 Hours

Domain Deletions… 1 Millisecond = 10 Hours

   Personal Computer World site warns it’s viewers to renew domain names, or lose them within 10 seconds of them being deleted.

Josh says: “”10 seconds?  That’s a long time.  I’m guessing .01 of a second in some cases.”"

***FS*** Names which delete never really become available anymore..  If a former site existed there,  or if the name has any keyword value whatsoever, the names are (more often than not) renewed by your registrar and auctioned to the highest bidder or kept by the registrar’s media company division/arm for future media efforts.  If your names are with one of the handful of registrars still actually deleting names then the name goes into a 30 day redemption grace process and is purged 15 or so days after that..  If the name actually deletes it is re-acquired by one of hundreds of drop registrars who bombard the registry with ‘add name’ requests in an effort to secure the name..  Depending on the registrar which recaptures the name, your expired domain will either be tasted for traffic and then dropped again after 1-5 days (if it gets no traffic) or kept for resale via an auction ..  or kept by the registrar’s media arm for future paid-search and media development efforts.

Nothing but the very worst and most worthless domain name chaff actually “deletes” anymore.

These tech magazines are really clueless when it comes to the mechanics of domains and domain deletions.  As important as the naming system is to the Internet, you’d think they could find one or two journalists who actually know what they’re talking about.

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Frank – to be fair to the PCW article, as a UK magazine, it was probably referring to the UK namespace, and some comments made by Nominet recently. Here in Blightly we have one central Registrar – Nominet, who do the honourable thing and actually drop expired names.

    Of course there are a large number of catchers, but tasting is against Nominet rules, so isn’t an issue here. But speed it what it takes. Most names that are caught are gone within 0.02 seconds.

    Good drops are available on a regular basis, with 3 character names popping up every now and then (when did that last happen in .com?), and fairly decent generics most days.

    Still lots of action over here. Not as much as there used to be, but still more than the .com expired/drop scene…