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Man Posts Phone-number on, Gets 5,000 Calls.

Man Posts Phone-number on, Gets 5,000 Calls.

A network of domain names works the same way.  That’s why we don’t publish our phone number on our websites.

UpliftingI think it is genuinely heartening and noble that someone would take the time to try to "talk-to" or "hug" their fellow man, expecting nothing in return..  I know it sounds kooky but if I had more hours in the day,  I would try to offer an open hand to people in some similar way..  the power of the internet at its best here :)

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  1. If, by “open hand,” you mean some kind of party at your place, I agree completely :-)

    (I’ve not been diving in Grand Cayman in over a year now… withdrawal symptoms and all that)

    **FS** Ha perhaps I’ll have to throw a caymanfest of some kind in the fall.. before the fall traffic show.